mharific: Cover art, "The Beggar Queen" by Lloyd Alexander (westmark - mickle)
Fandom: Westmark
Rating: PG
Words: 449
Disclaimer: Lloyd Alexander's toys, not mine. I'll put 'em back.
Summary: The children are grown, the times have changed.
Notes: Written for [ profile] friend_fic with the prompt: Clearly we cannot stay here any longer. Infinite gratitude to [ profile] rainbowjehan for the shot in the arm, and to [ profile] tiamatschild for the moral support.

The sharp angles of her face have softened with the years. )
mharific: Red-haired and brown-haired dolls, with heart (westmark - zara/florian)
Title: Westmark Sentences
Fandom: Westmark
Rating: PG-13
Words: 1103
Disclaimer: Mr. Alexander's toys, I'm just playing. I'll put them back neatly when I'm done.
Summary: Fifty assorted lines of fic for [ profile] 1fandom.
Notes: It should NOT take this long to write fifty sentences. Oh, well...

Zara can read an entire course of action in one gray glance. )
mharific: Gavroche and younger brother, vintage b&w illustration (westmark - water rats)
Title: Line of Duty
Fandom: Westmark
Pairing: Florian/Keller, sort of.
Rating: G
Words: 100
Disclaimer: They belong to Lloyd Alexander. I'll put them back when I'm done.
Summary: Visiting hour.
Notes: Another mailfic for Soujin, who keeps wanting them together.

The dim air is heavy with sickness, sour with blood. )
mharific: Young blonde girl at work, by Morisot (westmark - rina)
Title: Come She Will
Fandom: Westmark
Characters: Florian, Rina
Rating: G
Words: 100
Disclaimer: Mr. Alexander's toys, not mine. I promise I didn't break 'em.
Summary: Another small sacrifice.
Notes: Welcome-home present for [ profile] rainbowjehan, who asked me for it before she left. ♥!

She has never looked more beautiful )
mharific: Red-haired and brown-haired dolls, with heart (westmark - zara/florian)
Title: Shades of Meaning
Fandom: Westmark
Rating: PG-13
Words: 131
Disclaimer: They belong to Mr. Alexander. I'm just playing with them.
Summary: Zara and Florian speak different languages.
Notes: For [ profile] fanfic100 #011, "red".

She's hard, thin, sharp: all short words with pointed ends. )


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