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Name:Mhari's Fic
Birthdate:Sep 3
Location:Massachusetts, United States of America
Fic By Mhari

Behold, 'tis a writing journal, owned and operated by [personal profile] mhari. She writes fanfic, she writes original fic. Occasionally she writes poetry, God help us all. She thrives on comments.

Mostly she writes in Westmark, Les Misérables, and Arthurian legend, but occasionally ventures into fandoms less obscure. She claims no title to the characters or situations thereof, and hopes that any extant copyright holders will treat her as the adoring, harmless nutbar that she is.

She occasionally recommends other people's stories at [profile] lesquee, makes pretty pictures at [profile] mharicons, and roleplays entirely too many characters at [profile] desperatefans and [profile] deadmentalking.


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For clarification:
drabble: Story of 100 words precisely, or sequence of related 100-word pieces.
photofic: Story of one or two sentences, or (more probably) collection of such.
het: Opposite-sex attraction is a plot point.
slash: Same-sex attraction is a plot point.
gen: Any sexual attraction is incidental to the story.

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Please feel free to friend! All I am going to friend back on this account are other writing or recs journals, but that doesn't mean you're not more than welcome to read, watch, stalk, prod, etc. :)

Thank you and come again.

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19th century, adverbs, amislash, angst, arthurian legend, arthurian legends, arthuriana, aubrey and maturin, books, boys in cravats, c. j. cherryh, caroline/torrens, challenges, christine/raoul, class issues, combeferre/prouvaire, concrit, courfeuilly, courfeyrac/havoc, crack pairings, crackpairings, crossdressing, crossovers, cyteen, darkover, desperate fans, devotion!kink, diana/clarissa, drabbles, drama, elizabeth e. wein, emily of new moon, emily/dean, epigraphs, fairy tales, family issues, family relationships, fan fiction, fanfic, fanfic100, fantasy, feedback, femslash, ficlets, fiction, firefly, flash fiction, florian/riza, florian/zara, fluff, fluid identities, fly by night, fullmetal alchemist, gen, girls in trousers, good omens, greek mythology, harry potter, het, historical fantasy, historical fiction, history, humoring nanni, identity issues, improvs, justin/rina, les miserables, les misérables, litfic, lloyd alexander, martin guerre, mary renault, mcgonagall/grubbly-plank, medraut/goewin, minor characters, mistaken identities, monstrous regiment, mordred/gaheris, mordred/sagramore, morgause/arthur, multifandom, multiple otps, musicals, nanowrimo, nita&kit, norah lofts, notre-dame de paris, obscure fandoms, one-shots, ot3s, phantom of the opera, photofics, photofiction, platonic soulmates, plotless vignettes, poetry, rambling, random generators, reading, requests, revolutionaries, rina/kaylee, roy mustang/diana villiers, roy/riza, sandman, science fiction, sex, short fiction, sidekicks, slash, stable marriages, stephen&jack, strong women, the lion hunters, the orkney clan, the winter prince, tiny fandoms, tonker/lofty, vignettes, walk-ons, westmark, winry/kaylee, writing, young adult fantasy, young wizards, zara/mordred

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